Learn to code using robots

The [p]:ROBOT project is addressed to 2 groups: secondary school teachers and high school students

Main goal: to increase innovation and interdisciplinarity of education among 6 secondary schools of partner countries by developing and disseminating to 08.2020 18 educational materials for pupils and 18 for teachers on the use of robot programming for STEM education

Detail objectives:

- increased knowledge of 100 teachers in the use of programming and robotics in STEM education;

- increase in innovation and internationalization of the institutions involved (8) through the exchange of good practice, joint development of universal educational and training materials and promotion of open education

The innovation of the project is based on the use of the interdisciplinarity of robotics. Although the project's activities are directly focused on developing strictly IT competences among students and teachers, the aim of the project is not to educate future IT specialists. The interdisciplinary nature of robotics will allow the use of developed solutions not only during computer science lessons, but also in physics, mathematics, engineering, mechanics, electronics, i.e. all areas based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Educational and training materials will be created, thanks to which school education will be much more effective, skills will be developed, including algorithmic thinking, programming, and active application of the achievements of human thought to solve real problems. Students will be prepared not only to passively use the latest technologies, but also to learn how to change, create and develop them.

The project also puts great emphasis on promoting open education. All the materials produced will be available on-line using the e-learning platform, and their diversification in terms of thematic and level of advancement will allow them to be used by an almost unlimited number of recipients.

  • The project is co-financed under the Erasmus + Program, Strategic Partnerships, the school education sector

  • Co-financing: EUR 255 942.00

  • Partners: University of Silesia (leader), Edu-Res Foundation, Academic Complex of Secondary Schools No.2 in Chorzów, 1 GENICO LYKEIO AIGIOU, GRAMMAR SCHOOL JURIJA VEGE IDRIJA, SOU Jane Sandanski Strumica, IIS ERASMO DA ROTTERDAM, KTU Lyceum of Engineering.

  • Duration: 01/11/2017 - 31/08/2020

  • Coordinator: dr hab. inż. Michał Mierzwa.